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What is RasCol

RasCol is RasSystem's SaaS solution for monitoring, auditing, and managing mobile resources in urban janitorial. Brings state-of-the-art geoprocessing resources and IoT devices to support the quality of our customers' service delivery, such as tracking garbage collection and sweeping tracking. In an evolution of simply viewing positions on a map, you can see thousands of points simultaneously, with views of coverage of the day's operation, historical coverage in arbitrary periods, dynamic route completion percentages in relation to the expected standard for routes and sectors. A possibility of an embedded keyboard for field and RFID data collection to identify vehicle users. Being a complete system of planning, monitoring, and management, the Rascol offers a series of benefits:

Accountability in operational control;


Assistance in decision making through detailed reports of each operation;


Greater efficiency in the inspection of public cleaning;


Reduction in the number of operating shifts and vehicles;


Reduce fuel use and vehicle maintenance costs through route optimization;


100% Cloud solution, no need for customer IT infrastructure.


Centralized management of all operations, assets, points and clustomers in a geospatial way.

Understand how it works


View your work plans

in the system


Monitor your resources

in high detail


Provide transparency to your customer


Verify with data and images the fulfillment of your service


Compare Quality and Productivity Indicators


Streamline the replanning of your operation


Ensure cleanliness with operational efficiency

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